Corporate Philosophy
    Cultural Core  Han: In the Han dynasty, the national integration enjoyed unprecedented development, the national power and economy became powerful and prosperous. Besides, the integration in culture and idea laid foundation for the 2000-year social development of the Chinese nation, and made great contributions to continuing Chinese civilization and making it standing upright for a thousand years. “Han” represents the pursuit of our company for the brand of the Chinese nation, while Ren refers to humanity, mutual love among people and integrity. It is the spiritual pursuit of HanRun staff to walk in the path of righteousness and love people. The company advocates all the staff to practice the enterprise culture of “Civilization and integrity, exploitation and innovation”. Civilization refers to a kind of status of advanced social and cultural development; integrity means treating people and conducting ourselves in a sincere, honest and trustworthy way; exploitation means opening new situation and making efforts to make new progress and achievements. Innovation means seeking change and new ideas with new thinking, creating new things and becoming the motive of reform.